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The help icon is an icon located on the navigation bar that allows your users to find important links like documentation and support links. You can add anything you want.

The navigation menu is located on the left side, and it helps users easily navigate inside the platform.

You can add your own items to these two sessions on your Whitelabel. Go to your Whitelabel Admin Dashboard > Settings and scroll down until Help Icon and Navigation Menu.

Label – It is the text that is shown to the user.

URL – It is the link that the user will visit when the user clicks on the item.

Font Awesome Icon: It is the icon that represents the item. Visit Font Awesome and search for any icon you want to use. When you find your preferable icon, click on it, and a page similar to the below page will open. You only need to use what is inside the red as an icon. For example, in the below image fa-light fa-circle-question is the icon.

If you want to add the “Template Store” to the navigation menu on your Whitelabel, use the below setup
Label: Template Store
URL: ../store/
Font Awesome Icon: fal fa-store

Personalize menu and help links

You can add the account id or the logged user id to your link.



Hide default navigation menu items

You can hide the default items of the navigation menu and show only your own items.

Since you for sure will want to show some of the default menu items, below we show the configuration of all default items.

LabelURLFont Awesome Icon
Analyticsdashboardfal fa-chart-pie
Ecommerceproductsfal fa-shopping-bag
Inboxinboxfal fa-comments-alt
Contactsusersfal fa-users
Flowsflowsfal fa-chimney
Automated Responsesquestionsfal fa-head-side-brain
Broadcastingbroadcastsfal fa-bullhorn
Toolstoolsfal fa-toolbox
Settingssettingsfal fa-sliders-h

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