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Chatrace allows your business to automate conversations on Telegram by creating a Telegram bot.

Follow the below steps by step to create and connect your bot to Chatrace

1 – You will need to chat with the official Telegram BotFather ( to create your bot. Use the /newbot command to create your bot. You can learn more here. After you created your bot you will receive your bot API token.

2 – Setup Telegram on Chatrace.
Navigate to Settings > Integrations and find Telegram. You only need to specify your Telegram bot token and Chatrace will automatically integrate with Telegram and your bot is ready to respond to users.

3 – On the flow builder, you will use Telegram or Omnichannel as a message type. We recommend that you use Omnichannel whenever possible.

To test your flow, create a training phrase like “test” on Automated Responses that triggers your Telegram flow. Currently, you can’t preview a Telegram flow from the flow builder because Messenger contacts can’t be merged with Telegram contacts.

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