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Instagram Automations allow Instagram Businesses to use a chatbot to manage their Instagram DMs. Instagram Business Account must be connected to a Facebook Page for the Instagram automation to work.

In order to manage Instagram messages via Chatrace, IG business accounts will need to enable the connected tools to toggle under message control settings.

How to connect IG to Chatrace

Navigate to Settings > Channels > Instagram

How to build Instagram flows

The process to build flows for all channels is the same. You need to choose Instagram as a Message Type

Important Notes

  • Make sure that your Instagram account is a Business/Professional Account. The API cannot access Instagram non Business accounts.
  • Your Instagram Account must be connected to the Facebook Page you connected to your bot in Chatrace.
  • Group threads (conversations with more than 2 participants) are not supported.
  • Instagram Comment tool doesn’t work on Instagram Ads and IGTV.
  • Instagram bots can’t get the name and profile image of a private IG user account. The person will be added to your list of subscribers, but with an empty name.
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